Top 6 Reasons Why Menstrual Cups Leak

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Is Your Menstrual Cup Leaking? 

Are you trying to figure out what you can do to stop your menstrual cup from leaking? 

Let's look at the reasons why menstrual cups leak. We have solutions for each problem. 

#1 The Menstrual Cup's Diameter Is Insufficient To Make A Seal

More than any other reason, diameter seems to be the main culprit in why a cup is not making a seal and leaking.

Even if your flow is very low, adequate diameter is necessary to make a sufficient seal.

If your current menstrual cup leaks. it's worth looking into a slightly wider cup in the brand you already have or another menstrual cup brand.

What’s The Fix?
Be sure to purchase a menstrual cup with adequate diameter. If you purchase a menstrual cup from MeLuna USA that turned out to be not a great fit, check out the MeLuna USA Guarantee to help you get your Goldilocks!

We also offer many other brands of menstrual cups such as Hello Period, Saalt, the brand Hannah, Lunette and others. Let us help you via live chat Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

#2 Menstrual Cup Height Is Incorrect For Your Body

Did you feel intimidated by using a cup and decided on the smallest menstrual cup possible to start out with? Low cervix cups are great for users with unusually low cervix. These users generally simply can’t wear the standard length cups and low cervix menstrual cups by MeLuna or Hello Period are their best and only option.

If however your cervix is of average height or higher, a low cervix cup can be prone to tipping over and leaking.

Do not order a low cervix menstrual cup, if do not have a low cervix.

What’s The Fix?

Be sure to purchase a menstrual cup with adequate height. Check out the MeLuna USA Guarantee to help you get your Goldilocks if your first MeLuna was not perfect for you

#3 Your Menstrual Cup Is Too Soft For Your Activity Level

If you purchased an extra soft menstrual cup or simply have too much core engagement in your activities for a regular firmness menstrual cup, your cup could leak because of compression.

Please note though: Not all sports or activities require a firm cup. Your cup is at risk of getting compressed if you have to engage your core substantially.

What’s the Fix?
When selecting a new menstrual cup it is tempting to go with the softest one possible (often called ‘sensitive’ by some brands).

Unfortunately many users find the super soft menstrual cups are difficult to use in regards to keeping a seal. For most users -even very active ones- the average firmness is of adequate firmness. If however your activities require a firmer cup, don’t be afraid to try a firmer cup like a MeLuna Sport!

#4 Your Menstrual Cup Is Not Unfolding

Depending on size or insertion technique, it’s possible that your cup is not fully unfolding and staying collapsed in a C-Shape.

IMPORTANT: Staying collapsed is NOT the same as taking on an oval shape. For Tmenstrual  cups made from TPE instead of silicone taking on an oval shape is normal and desirable and does not lead to leaking,

What’s The Fix?
Your first step should always be to try a folding technique more suitable to have your menstrual cup pop open. Check out folding techniques on our resource page: How to Insert Your Menstrual Cup.

The Punch Down Fold tends to be a great one to use. Twist the cup a little bit to see if it will pop open.

You Can Also Try This When Inserting Your Cup:

Push the menstrual cup a little higher than needed and then gently pull the cup back down to let it settle into place.

This generally opens the cup and creates a good seal for most users.

If none of this helps you have two more options:

Purchase a cup with a diameter one size down or purchase a cup in a firmer material. If you chose a MeLuna cup as your original cup, you can make use of the MeLuna USA Guarantee to get your Goldilocks!

#5 Your Menstrual Cup Is Not Inserted Correctly

Unfortunately the cervix is not necessarily located at the very end of your vagina. It’s more off to the side in many cases. Cervix position also changes throughout your period and it’s very common for it to sit lower during the first few days and higher during the last few days of your period.

Depending On Anatomy It Is Possible To Bypass Your Cervix
When menstrual fluid is expelled from your uterus it exits from your cervix. If you place your cup too high, past your cervix, the fluid can’t be collected in the cup and simply by passes the cup.

What’s The Fix?
This one is easy, free and fast! If there is a chance you bypassed the cervix your first step will be to locate it. You will need to use your fingers to feel for it. Your cervix will feel like a bump coming down inside your vagina, kind of similar in feel to a nose. Once you feel it be sure to place the opening of the cup right underneath rather than above.

#6 Your Flow Requires More Frequent Emptying Due To Cup Volume

All menstrual cups will leak once they reach capacity. Low cervix menstrual cups will have less capacity than standard cups because of the reduced height.

If your flow is heavy but due to low cervix you require a low cervix menstrual cup like Meluna Shorty, you may have to compensate for the reduced volume by emptying the cup more frequently.

What’s The Fix?
If your low cervix makes it necessary to wear a shorter cup it will impact capacity. It may be normal for you to empty your cup more frequently.

This blog post is based on an article by MeLuna USA