Menstrual Cups for Teens

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    This collection includes the best menstrual cups for teens offered by multiple brands. Check out each to see pros and cons of each brand.

    What makes a good teen cup?

    We believe the following three factors are crucial to good teen menstrual cups:

    1) small diameter

    We currently carry the following teen cup brands. Here are their diameters in milimeters:

    MeLuna Small for Teens: 38mm

    Saalt Teen: 37.7mm

    Hannah XS:  37mm

    Hello Small:  38mm

    2) soft enough to easily fold yet firm enough to pop open easily

    3) easy to grasp handle

    MeLuna Small for Teens: available in both stem with small bumps as well as ring handle

    Saalt Teen: Flat stem handle

    Hannah XS: Round stem handle

    Hello Small: Teardrop handle


    We only carry menstrual cups that are FDA CLEAREAD AND REGISTERED

    Got questions? Live chat with our reusable menstrual care experts is available Monday -Friday. All other times leave us a message and we will get back to you ASAP!