About Us

We are so glad you found us.

Our goal for our customers is Maximum Comfort.

To us that means:

The best solutions for your body and your lifestyle.

After 15 years in the reusable menstrual products business I have seen great change! Lot's of new brands have popped up. The variety of offerings is so much wider now which is fabulous!

We noticed that the increase in options was sometimes confusing and difficult to maneuver for shoppers.

That is where the idea for One Stop Period Shop originated.

Rather than organize the shop by brands and letting you wade through on your own we have organized it to solve specific issues.

How to best use this site

Check out the drop down menus to select the category you are most interested in.

High Cervix cups? We got them? Low Cervix cups? Here they are! Period Undies size 16 and up? Check!

You can easily access products that address your needs, with offerings from multiple brands in most collections. If you have a favorite brand, you can still filter results by brand of course!

Most listings will have the following info:


Here you will find what makes this product different from the others. The reasons why we think you will love this product are included here.


We want you to know what to expect. If there is anything you might not enjoy we will tell you in this section upfront.

Info Supplied by the Brand

This info is what you'd usually find. It has all of the info the brand would like you to know about their product

Sizing Guidelines

This is the best part. No chasing around for sizing info. We collected it for you and placed it at the end of every listing. We are strictly using the recommendations from the manufacturers here

We were lucky enough to start out with an amazing collection of high quality, reputable brands and hope to increase our range as we grow. 

It is our hope that you will decide to be part of this journey.

As a small, women owned company we very much appreciate your business.

The One Stop Period Shop Team